I received my order of snakeguardz protective leggings yesterday, however, your words of caution are a little late for me.  I was bitten by a rattle snake on June 6th.  My husband and I farm in Hansford County.  We are located at the very top of the Texas panhandle.  We just got back from a basketball tournament in Elk City, Ok and decided to check our wheat fields because we were ready to start harvest.   My husband was in shorts and I was in capris and flip flops.  We were both being careful and looking for snakes before we walked into the fields.  I found out the hard way that they can be very hard to see.  As I took a step over some dead grass and weeds, I heard the rattle and looked down to see the snake already striking my leg.  He bit 2 times.  It all happened within seconds.  We drove to our local hospital in Spearman, Texas.  We were 14 miles out of town and my husband got me there in 8 1/2 minutes.  I believe the speed in which we reached the hospital and the great care I received from the nurses and doctors have saved my life and my leg.  
The day I received the snakeguardz was also my first day back to work on the farm.  I still have a small amount of swelling in my leg so being able to adjust the leggings is a big plus for me.  I was able to walk through grass and around implements with peace of mind that I was protected.  I am not sure I would have been able to do my job otherwise.  Even with the leggings on I must admit it was still a little scary.  I definitely do not want to have to go through that experience again.  Needless to say, my whole family and I are much more aware about snakes than we were before. 
I did not know that snake protection was available until I found your website.  The $70.00 I spent on the order  is much cheaper than 18 viles of anti-venom @ $3000.00 per vile and the hospital bill!
I sent attachments of the pictures my son took from his cell phone while I was in the hospital.  I went to the ER on Sunday evening and was released on Thursday morning.  159 was Sunday.  135 Monday. 143 Tuesday. 151 Wednesday.
Thanks so much.
   Christy H.


                                  Pic 159  Sunday                                                    Pic 139  Monday


                      Pic 143  Tuesday                                                           Pic 151 Wednesday

I am so sorry that you got bit.  It looks like a terrible and painful experience to go through.  I hope you are feeling better now.
Would it be all right to use your experience and pictures on to show people how dangerous rattlesnakes can be?


Yes, that would be fine.  We were naive about the whole thing.  My husband and I both thought that as long as I got to the hospital ASAP that I would be fine and even go home that night.  We were so wrong!  It was the most painful experience I have ever been through in my life.  Again, I was so lucky to have a great hospital and staff close to home.  Dr. Mark Garnett with Hansford County Hospital said they treat about one bite per year.  He also said mine was the worst one he had seen.  He guessed that I got maximum venom in both bites.  He was very aggressive with my treatment, but it still took 2 days before he would look me in the eye and tell me I would be fine and I would be able to play golf again!  He also told me that people do die from bites this bad.  I have lived in Texas all my life and I cannot believe that I knew so little about this.

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