Snake Boots --- Snake Proof Boots from Major Manufacturers like Chippewa, Justin, Danner, Georgia, Rocky, and Irish setter and LaCrosse brought to you by the first Snake Boots dealer on the internet.

Pink Mossy Oak Whisper Quite Amerisuede Snake Guardz

Pink Mossy Oak Snake Guardz

Be sure to wear all Snakeguardz and Snake Chapz with good quality leather boots and long pants.

Pink Mossy Oak Whisper Quite Amerisuede Snakeguardz

Regular Size

  • Guaranteed Snake Bite Protection
  • Snake Proof Comfortable Leg Armor
  • Perfect for: Hunters, Hikers, Campers, Border Patrol, Fishermen, Ranchers, Surveyors, and Realtors

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Normal Sizes: Small through Extra-Large

  • Small: 5-9" Calf
  • Medium: 9-14" Calf
  • Large: 14-18" Calf
  • X-Large: 18-21" Calf