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Dear Sirs/Madames

I received my new American made Chippewa boots today. They are perfect, as is your customer service. I am absolutely delighted with these sturdy, good fitting, and handsome boots. No funky linings to trap odors. No flaky insulation to interfere with a solid fit. These boots and some good wool socks is all a guy needs. Some call style #25290 lace-up engineer or motorcycle boots, some call them utility boots, and I think Chippewa puts them with their "Street Warrior" boots on their website. I call them the finest all purpose boot ever designed and they are suitable for work, weekend projects, hiking, hunting, or just wearing around town with casual understated class. I hope Chippewa never changes them in any way. I intend to purchase more Chippewa boots from your fine company in the future.

Sincerely, August M

Chippewa best by far